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COD3 QR 009
Various Artists
Cod3 QR
Catalogue Number
Release Date
27 november 2020

It’s been a very challenging year for everyone, but one thing we will always need to help get us through is music. And as Shakespeare said, “If music be the food of love, play on”, so Cod3 QR will play on and continue to provide a diverse style of electronic music that will hopefully help lift your spirits.

With previous releases including tracks later revealed to be by the likes of Agents of Time, JoeFarr, Nicolas Bougaieff, Madben, CYRK, R.O.S.H, Galaxy Lane and more; plus support from DJs like Laurent Garnier, who licensed a track to his Tsugi Electro Mix (Francois V’s ‘Electro’ taken from Cod3QR001), Cod3QR’s profile has steadily grown as a label releasing quality music.

As with previous releases, music is the label’s main focus, so you'll have to wait another 2 months to find out who is behind this latest release. Head to their Instagram page (ig: cod3qr) for clues and reveals of artist identities.

As a final note: although this is the label’s last release of 2020, they promise to bring you a big surprise in 2021, so keep your eyes peeled!

Digitális számlista

  1. 1 Warehouse Loïs 6:14 Vásárlás


  2. 2 I'll See You Again Voltaire 6:08 Vásárlás

    I'll See You Again

  3. 3 Technique Biz 6:10 Vásárlás


  4. 4 Pinstripe Groove Softly 4:27 Vásárlás

    Pinstripe Groove

  5. 5 XXII - digital only Voltaire 6:03 Vásárlás

    XXII - digital only

--:-- --:--

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