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COD3 QR 008
Various Artists
Cod3 QR
Catalogue Number
Release Date
22 maja 2020

This intriguing label has been picking up fans and Press accolades across the globe (like Tsugi magazine’s “Label of the Month” and regularly high-scoring reviews from Mixmag) with its fresh approach to record label releasing – putting the music upfront and only revealing the artists at a later date. So far, previous tracks have been revealed to be by the likes of Agents of Time, Francois V, Sagitario aka Juan Sanchez, Galaxy Lane, Jabbar, Joe Farr, Manuel-M, R.O.S.H and more.

Head to their Instagram page (ig: cod3qr) for clues and reveals of the artist identities.

Lista utworów

  1. 1 Add New Ones R.O.S.H. 6:36 Kup

    Add New Ones

  2. 2 Hope Yann Lean 6:26 Kup


  3. 3 Twin Towns Orchestra LOG 6:36 Kup

    Twin Towns Orchestra

  4. 4 Post Human CYRK 6:26 Kup

    Post Human

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